Promotion / Air-Play

You are working as a promoter / manager and would like to hand in promotional copies of your customers music to the Young Pirate Radio editorial staff? You yourself are running a record label and are of the opinion, that the editors might want to consider listening to all your hot newcomer, band or solo-artists? You are a band member, solo musician, producer or DJ without an agency or label behind you? You are thinking that your demo, song or remix has got the right stuff?


Then please send your Songs (mp3) to:


For interviews please send your press kit to:


Physical records with some (contact) information can be send in to:


Young Music

Wiesenstraße 13

57539 Fürthen


 The stronger your Songs and the more polished your kit, the more likely it will be to catch our station’s attention.



 Digital sampling requirements (minimum requirements)


 -MP3 320 kbps 44.1 kHz Stereo


-Artist, Title, Album, must be contained in the MP3 tags


-If 2 must not contain in the MP3 tags this enclosed in a detailed track list.


-Broadcasting and publishing tool approval GEMA & GVL free bands / artists.



Bitte nutzen Sie unser Kontaktformular.